• Purnam

    A 10-day long Teaching series on the Alchemy of Enlightenment at Sri Vast Center, India 26 Jan - 4 Feb 2015 Read More
  • In the Presence of the Master

    “Life is a beautiful gift to be celebrated every moment which you exist. And you are here for that. So transform every moment as a part of your celebration with the love and compassion towards all beings, including yourself." Guruji Sri Vast
  • An Inspiration

    “I am just igniting a dream in you. A dream for a new world,a world where man and woman live harmoniously with all beings.Where our differences are dissolved. Where God is not a myth,but a mere reality. Where life is not a problem but a celebration.” Guruji Sri Vast
  • Living Enlightenment

    "Liberate, totally Liberate, until the question of Liberation disappears within you. Flow, just flow with the Life. In that flow you and me will disappear. The comparison of your inner and outer world will disappear. Without knowing you will realize, that you are already there.”Sri Vast Read More
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A world of Love, Beauty and Sacredness


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Experiences at Sri Vast Center, India


Independent Organizations inspired by the Teachings of Guruji Sri Vast.

Here you can find education, retreats, pilgrim centers and other initiatives.

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  • Purnam Retreat
  • Registration

Purnam - Completeness

Jan 29 - Feb 4, India

During this 10-day teaching-series Guruji Sri Vast teaches the Alchemy of Enlightenment – revealing the path towards Total Liberation.

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Purnam - Completeness

7 days Teaching Series

The retreat is open for sincere aspirants. Registration is required prior to the program. Due to limited access, please register in time to ensure your entry.

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Retreats with Sri Vast

  • Purnam - Completeness +

    The Alchemy of Enlightenment
    Jan 29 - Feb 4, 2015, India
    Read More
  • Living Enlightenment Retreat +

    Born Once Again
    August 2015, Sweden
    Read More
  • Mystic's Way Retreat +

    A Cosmic Realization
    Sept 21 - 30, 2015, Tuscany, Italy
    Read More
  • Tour Schedule +

    Satsang Tour 2015 Read More
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