• Christmas Retreat

    People from all walks of life come for Christmas to India, to be part of this memorable 12 day celebration full of spiritual discoveries ... Read More
  • “Life is a beautiful gift to be celebrated every moment which you exist. And you are here for that.So transform every moment as a part of your celebration with the love and compassion towards all beings, including yourself." Guruji Sri Vast
  • "I see you as me, as one who has the potential of exploring the peak of this life, the peak of yourself, the peak of your existence." Guruji Sri Vast
  • in the presence of the Master

  • Inner Yoga - Yoga of Nature

    A technique that reveals the natural state of being. A key to enter into the unknown... Read More
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an Inspiration for a New Humanity

A world of Love, Beauty and Sacredness


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Experiences at Sri Vast Center, India


Independent Organizations inspired by the Teachings of Guruji Sri Vast.

Here you can find education, retreats, pilgrim centers and other initiatives.

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  • Sri Vast
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Guruji Sri Vast

a Master, Mystic and Poet

Guruji Sri Vast is an enlightened spiritual Master spreading a grounded awakening spirituality. It is a profound inspiration for another way of looking at life on this planet at this time – an inspiration for a New Humanity.

The Teachings are a universal language of love and compassion, a joyful wisdom towards Total Freedom.

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Living Teachings

a Practical Spirituality

The message of the Teachings is directly applicable to our practical everyday life.

It is an inspiration to connect us with every moment naturally, so that we can live our full potential and explore the wholeness of our own Existence.

The profound wisdom has transformed the lives of thousands of people towards a more ecological and spiritual way of living and a celebrative everyday life experience.

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the Dream of a New Humanity

" I am just igniting a Dream in you. A Dream for a new world, a world where man and woman live harmoniously with all beings. Where our differences are dissolved. Where God is not a myth, but a mere reality. Where life is not a problem, but a celebration."



in the Presence of the Master

Watch Satsangs and Inteviews bringing profound insights about Life on this Planet. An inspiration towards revealing our full potential - a path towards Total Liberation.

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Retreats with Sri Vast

  • Christmas Retreat +

    with the Master
    22 Dec - 2 Jan, India
    Read More
  • Living Enlightenment Retreat +

    Born Once Again
    August 2015, Sweden
    Read More
  • Mystic's Way Retreat +

    A Cosmic Realization
    Sept 21 - 30, 2015, Tuscany, Italy
    Read More
  • Tour Schedule +

    Satsang Tour 2014 Read More
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